Homeowner FAQs

Amenity Center Pool Reminders –

No smoking (Cigarettes, Vaporizers OR Electronic Cigarettes) at the Amenity and Pool areas.

Do not block the steps at the entrance of the pool with personal items or by sitting in the way.

In accordance with the State of Florida Health Department regulations, no food, drink – alcohol – (except water in an unbreakable container) or animals are permitted in the pool or on the pool deck. 

No running, dunking, rough playing, profane language, diving or jumping in the pool is permitted.

Architectural Review Committee & Violation Advisory Committee –

Botanica Lakes HOA is required to have both committees comprised of Homeowner’s. The ARC meets 2nd Tuesday of the Month. The VAC meets every month attentively.

Should you decide to make changes to the exterior of your home, you must first complete an ARC form. Details are on the form.

Should the Violation Advisory Committee note concerns/violation(s) regarding your property you will be informed via U. S. Postal Service.

A Reminder from your neighbors serving on the VAC –

● Standing Vehicle / Treeline Elementary – Parents please remember that no parking on the street is allowed. Peace Lilly way and Barbary is not a parent pick up. Standing vehicle is still considered illegal parking.

● DOGS must be leashed when outside. Always pick up and properly dispose of waste.

● There are Pet Waste Stations located throughout the community so you can properly pick up and dispose of pet waste.

●Trash & Recycling Bins are emptied each Tuesday. Bins are placed curbside 3 feet apart, not to block mail box(s), any time after 5:00 pm Monday. All bins will be removed from curb by 10:00 pm Tuesday.

● BULK PICKUP is every Friday. Bulk items will be placed curbside not to block mailbox(s), any time after 5:00 pm Thursday. Contact 239-321-8100 for questions regarding bulk pick up and/or the replacement of broken, stolen, or lost waste & recycle bins.

Landscaping –

Botanica Lakes management team appreciates your landscaping/irrigation concerns. All Communication regarding maintenance of landscaping/irrigation begins with a Maintenance Landscaping and Irrigation work order request completed by the homeowner

Please be reminded of the recommended irrigation run schedule of 2 times per week, 15 minutes per zone per mister zone (regular sprinklers) and 45 minutes per rotor zone (rotating head sprinklers). Ensure that your irrigation system is set up correctly.

According to the City of Fort Myers Public Works Department, even numbered homes may water on Thursdays, and/or Sundays, and odd numbers may water on Wednesdays, and/or Saturdays.

This process is located at www.botanicalakeshoa.com. Homeowner will need to log in to their homeowners portal. The management office an assist with providing access if they have not created an account.

Preserves, Wetlands, & Conservation Areas –

Nothing is to be disposed of in any of the preserve, wetlands, and conservation areas, especially dog waste. These natural resources are protected by F.S. 373.430 and violators are subject to civil penalties. Also removing berries/wild fruits from the preserves is prohibited and potentially dangerous.

Alligator Nuisance – May through June is alligator mating season. Stay calm and let professionals handle the situation. Please contact 1-866-392-4286

Personal Property –

Personal property — belongings, land, buildings, etc. It is not advised to use neighboring properties as ingress/egress, for pathways/walkways, walking pets or for any reason unless invited. Several reports prompted this reminder. It is an unsafe practice and in all cases: trespassing.

Commercial & Recreational Vehicle Violations –

It has been brought to the office’s attention that all terrain and recreational vehicles have been seen in use at the community.  

Commercial Vehicles – Prohibited after business hours.

“…bus, step van, utility trailer, truck tractor, tow truck or wrecker, tractor trailer, limousine, any agricultural, construction or industrial equipment, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), quads or any off road vehicle, any vehicle (including a pickup truck with an altered or removed cargo box) designed for transporting people, goods, or things for profit, any truck with visible work racks or visible work related equipment, supplies or debris, any truck over ¾ (three quarters) of a ton, or any vehicle displaying commercial lettering.” 

Commercial Vehicles Myths – Prohibited after business hours.

● It is not a commercial vehicle violation if you’re covering the letters on a commercial vehicle with ladder racks installed.

It is not a commercial vehicle violation if I remove the ladders from a commercial vehicle with ladder racks installed.

The vehicle is a passenger carrier – marked or unmarked.

The vehicle was formerly used for commercial purposes and fits all the descriptions of a commercial vehicle, but I no longer use it for said purposes.


“Pickup trucks or vans that are deemed commercial vehicles solely because they display commercial lettering and fall into no other commercial vehicle category previously mentioned, may be permitted to park on the driveway of a Lot if all lettering is covered and no longer visible.”

It is important that homeowners currently parking commercial vehicles in the community in non business hours stop doing so and seek parking alternatives outside of Botanica Lakes.