Palm Tree replacement

May 16, 2020 0 Comments

Palm Tree replacement and removal letters go out starting June 19, 2019.  A fungus lives in the soil and it is the homeowners responsibility to remove the dead, and replace it with another species of palm tree.  Some suggestions are foxtails, all replacements need to be over 4ft tall and can be completed by the homeowner or a vendor.  Each year the HOA identifies properties needing to rectify the Palm death.   PalmtreeFusarium_Wilt

Replace dead plantings: Like for like do not need an ARB/ACC however homeowners should always read our documents and rules and regulations. Any additions need ARB/ACC approval.


Yard Suggestions: adding donuts for around all sprinkler heads, placing a small line of bricks around the base of the home to prevent stucco damage during weed whacking. Use 2 parts bleach to a gallon of water to spray on your walk ways and drives to prevent mold.

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