Street Parking & Patrol

Hello Botanica Lakes Residents!

Street parking is not permitted, as outlined in the DCR’s of the Association, and the City of Fort Myers parking ordinance. Garages, and driveways are for parking. Visitors and over night guests may obtain a visitor pass at the gate house to park in the clubhouse parking lot.  The Fort Myers Police Department and Lee County Sheriffs office are permitted to patrol the streets within Botanica Lakes. To report an illegal vehicle please call 239- 321-7700. Parking on residential streets may result in a parking ticket or a car tow. ABS Towing is used by both departments, and can be reached at 239-690-4123. The community wide speed limit is 25 mph.


The HOA has permitted these departments to patrol the community since 2013 for the safety and security of the community.


  1. Parking shall be permitted only on driveways and inside garages. No parking on the streets, grass, sidewalks, or swales is permitted. City of Ft Myers Ordinance 86-89
  2. If parked on driveways, vehicles shall not obstruct traffic on the streets or sidewalks.
  3. Only vehicles belonging to authorized persons, those actively using the Clubhouse Area or have an approved parking pass are permitted to be parked in the Clubhouse Area parking lot area.   Any vehicles parked in the Clubhouse parking area overnight must have an approved visitor pass received from the Guardhouse 24 hours/7 days a week or the property manager may provide a parking pass when needed.
  4. No vehicle or other possessions belonging to an Owner or to an Owner’s family member, guest, invitee or tenant, shall be positioned in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready ingress or egress to another Owner’s driveway or mailbox.
  5. No overnight parking of boats and commercial vehicles is allowed unless within the garage of the Home and with the garage door closed. As otherwise provided for in the Declaration, trailers, motor homes and recreational vehicles shall not be parked in the Community or Clubhouse parking lot. Commercial vehicles further defined as but not be limited to any boat, camper, trailer, van other than passenger van and to also add to the commercial and recreational vehicle list the following: any bus, step van, utility trailer, truck tractor, tow truck or wrecker, tractor trailer, limousine, any agricultural, construction or industrial equipment, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), quads or any off road vehicle, any vehicle (including a pickup truck with an altered or removed cargo box) designed for transporting people goods or things for profit, any truck with visible work racks or visible work related equipment, supplies or debris, any truck over ¾ (three quarters) of a ton, or any vehicle displaying commercial lettering. Pickup trucks or vans that are deemed commercial vehicles solely because they display commercial lettering and fall into no other commercial vehicle category previously mentioned, may be permitted to park on the driveway of a Lot if all lettering is covered and no longer visible. All other vehicles previously noted are not permitted even when lettering is covered. Commercial lettering can be covered with removable white magnets and/or car covers. All covers are to be weatherproof, clean and neat.
  6. No repairs of vehicles shall be made within the Community unless the repairs take less than twenty-four hours. The only exceptions to the preceding shall be: (a) emergency repairs; and, [b) repairs made within the garage of the Home and with the garage door closed.
  7. Disposal of drained automotive fluids is not allowed within the Community or the sewers.
  8. Vehicles which cannot operate under their own power and/or which remain within the Community for more than seventy-two (72) hours shall be towed at the Owner’s expense, unless parked on the Owner’s driveway or inside the Owner’s garage.
  9. All vehicles shall be kept in proper operating condition so as not to be a hazard or a nuisance by noise, exhaust emission, appearance or otherwise.
  10. No Owner shall keep any vehicle on the Lot, which is deemed to be a nuisance by the Board.
  11. No Owner shall perform restorations of any motor vehicle, boat or other vehicle within the Community unless 
made within the garage of the Home and with the garage door closed.
  12. Car washing shall be permitted only on an Owner’s driveway.
  13. Owners shall maintain a current registration and all required insurance coverage for all vehicles parked within the Community.
  14. The operation of golf carts, motorized scooters, go-carts and other non-licensed or non-registered vehicles shall be prohibited in the Community except when used for the transportation of disabled persons or for the business use of the Association.